Terms and conditions - Updated 23RD OCTOBER 2021


1.     Deposit & Payments

1.1.     A provisional booking will be accepted by the caravan owners, subject to receiving a non-refundable 20% deposit and return of complete forms within 5 working days. After this period, if payment is still outstanding we reserve the right to re-let the break.

1.2.     The remaining balance must be paid before 10 weeks prior to the commencement of the break. If the payment is still outstanding at 10 weeks, we reserve the right to re-let the break with no notice and refunds may be given in accordance with our cancellation policy in section 4.

1.3.     A £100 security bond is required for each break and each caravan, this must be paid before 10 weeks prior to the commencement of the break. Final booking documents will not be released until paid, we reserve the right to re-let the break and refunds may be given in accordance with our cancellation policy in section 4. The bond is fully refundable at the end of the hire period and will be returned within 10 working days after inspection of the caravan. The caravan owners reserve the right to withhold some or the entire damage bond / or bill the hirer for the additional cost of: a) replacing and/or repairing all damages b) All breakages c) charges for cleaning the caravan or removing stains or replacing as new.


The Hirer must inform the caravan owners within 12 hours of arrival of all defects, inventory shortages and / or breakages. Failure to do so will result in you, the hirer being responsible.


The caravan owners reserve the right to increase the security bond at their discretion.

1.4.     It is advised the Hirer, contacts the caravan owners to make them aware when a payment has been made to avoid delays to the confirmation of their break. We accept no responsibility for instances where breaks have been re-let but the Hirer has not contacted the caravan owners to make them aware of payments.

1.5.     Any additional costs incurred by the caravan owners, such as but not limited to insufficient payment of postage will be added on to the remaining balance of the break.

1.6.     Upon leaving the caravan, the security bond will be refunded to the hirer if it has been paid, if a security bond in the form of a cheque has been provided, it will be securely disposed of 10 working days after the break has ended. If you wish for the security bond to be returned, you, the hirer must confirm this in writing prior to the commencement of the break.

2.     Ticketed Breaks

2.1.     If the break booked is a ticketed event – will be pointed out upon booking, Clause 1.1 is superseded by clause 2.1. A provisional booking will be accepted by the caravan owners, subject to receiving the total cost of all tickets required and return of complete forms within 5 working days. After this period, if payment is still outstanding we reserve the right to re-let the break.

3.     Late Bookings

3.1.     For breaks commencing within 10 weeks, a provisional booking will be accepted by the caravan owners, subject to receiving full payment including security bond and complete forms within 5 working days. After this period, if payment is still outstanding we reserve the right to re-let the break.

4.     Cancellations

4.1.     In the event of a cancellation, the hirer must confirm this in writing to the caravan owners.

4.2.     No refund will be made to the hirer whose break has commenced and who vacates the caravan for any reason including emergency at home.

4.3.     Cancellations acknowledged greater than 70 days before the commencement of the break, the deposit plus a £10 administration charge will not be refunded, any additional monies will be returned to the hirer.

4.4.     Cancellations acknowledged less than 70 days inclusive before the commencement of the break, no monies will be returned to the hirer.

4.5.     Under no circumstances is the hirer allowed to sublet the break to another party, if found, no monies are to be returned to the hirer, the break cancelled and the occupants of the caravan will be asked to leave site.

4.6.     In the case of extreme weather conditions including acts of god, we are not liable to offer any refunds.

4.7.     If you wish to change the commencement of your holiday after paying your deposit, please refer to our cancellation policy in section 4.

5.     Restrictions

5.1.     Only persons named on the booking for may occupy the caravan.

5.2.     The hirer shall notify the caravan owners in writing with any changes to person(s) listed on the booking form at the earliest possible opportunity and in any event, prior to the arrival at the holiday park.

5.3.     Bookings will only be accepted from hirers predominantly 25 years of age or over. No single sex parties.

6.     General Booking Terms

6.1.     If you wish to add or remove persons to the booking, the owners must be informed and agree to changes by 12 weeks before the commencement of the break. The addition and removal of persons from the booking after this cut off are chargeable at a cost of £15 per amendment.

6.2.     The hirer is responsible for providing all required information for the party and ensuring the information they provide is correct.

6.3.     The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all members onsite are listed on the booking form.

6.4.     We cannot accept liability for personal injury or the loss or damage of your personal belongings. We recommend that you purchase some form of holiday insurance to cover you against this.

6.5.     Whilst every effort is made to repair any problems with equipment inside the caravan such as TVs, Freeview boxes, CD players etc., we cannot make any refunds for items not working.

6.6.     Any changes to advertised entertainment or facilities on resort is beyond our control, we cannot accept any responsibility for this. We will try to contact you if the entertainment has changed.

6.7.     Gas and electricity is included in the booking price.

6.8.     The hirer must give access to the holiday caravan as / when required to the caravan owners, holiday park owners and their staff / agents.

6.9.     The caravan owners reserve the right to refuse any booking without any obligation to give a reason and / or reserve the right to terminate any booking for whatever reason at their absolute discretion.

6.10.   All bookings are subject to successful security and electoral register checks carried out by Butlins.

6.11.   In some circumstances beyond our control, your booked accommodation may be unavailable, in these circumstances we will contact you on before commencement of the break with an alternative where available. If we are unable to offer an alternative, then a full refund will be given.

6.12.   You are advised to report all issues you may have during your break to the caravan owners whilst still on resort to enable the caravan owners to rectify the issue. If we are unaware of the issue, we will not accept liability if they are later brought to our attention upon leaving the caravan.

6.13.   We will not offer any refunds for decisions by Butlins to alter or withdrawal of certain amenities, facilities, activities and entertainment.

6.14.   Under no circumstances should the maximum berthage of your accommodation be exceeded.

7.     During your Break

7.1.     Photographic Identification is required in accordance with Butlins Resort Policy for the lead guest during family entertainment breaks, and all members of the party for adult breaks. Acceptable photographic identification are as follows: UK Photographic Driving Licence, UK Photographic Passport. All documents should be valid and not outside of expiry. If you are unsure whether you have acceptable identification documents, please contact the caravan owners at least 4 weeks before the commencement of your break. We are not liable to give refunds where guests have been refused admission to resort.

7.2.     The holiday caravan may be occupied no earlier than 4pm on the day of arrival on presentation of your booking confirmation and registration form. However, you are welcome to use the facilities on Butlins complex if you arrive before this time.

7.3.     The holiday caravan must be vacated no later than 10am on the day of departure in order for the caravan to be cleaned and checked for damages before the next guests enter. The caravan is to be left in a clean and tidy condition.

7.4.     Duvets and pillows are provided for all beds. However, you are required to supply your own bed linen. Towels/tea towels are not provided.

7.5.     Smoking is prohibited inside the caravan. When smoking outside the caravan, please dispose of any cigarette ends and do not leave them on the ground around the caravan.

7.6.     No pets are allowed in the caravan, to provide a great holiday experience to all our customer, including those with allergies to pet dander, we do not permit pets of any kind in the caravan.

7.7.     The hirer is responsible for the conduct of all persons listed on the booking form.

7.8.     Caravan owners, Butlins and their staff do not accept liability for any loss or damage to the hirer's property and/ or accidents, injuries, illness, diseases, arising from the hire of the caravan or use of the holiday park, including acts of god or extreme weather conditions. We advise you obtain suitable holiday insurance prior to travel to cover such eventuality.

7.9.     No prams or buggies to be left open, and used in the caravans as this has been known to damage doors and fittings.

7.10.   All occupants in the caravan are expected to read and comply all safety information in the caravan and on Resort.

7.11.   If the hirer or a member of their party does not follow our terms and condition or those set out by Butlins included by not limited to those in this document, you will be asked to leave resort, forfeiting the remainder of your holiday with no refunds.

8.     Butlins Resort Policy

8.1.     Butlins is a family resort and in keeping with this caravans may not be let to persons under the age of 18 or to groups of the same sex. All bookings for any break that includes under 18's should include a responsible adult who is at least 25 years of age. On all Adult Breaks, no one under the age of 18 will be allowed onto the resort. Guests are not permitted to spend more than 28 consecutive days at the Caravan Village.

8.2.     Only the guests listed on the confirmation of booking may occupy the caravan accommodation. If any other person / persons are found in occupation, Butlins will terminate the contract, the guests and unauthorised persons will be asked to leave the resort immediately and refunds by Butlins will not be given.

8.3.     Wristbands: As one of our safety measures, we operate a wristband policy on all breaks. These are issued to guests at check in. Wristbands must be worn at all times and shown when requested by Butlins personnel. Access to and from the resort and into venues will be denied if you are not in possession of a valid wristband. Should you lose your wristband, please contact the Guest Services Reception – there is a charge for any replacement wristbands issued.

8.4.     Vehicles: Must be parked in allocated spaces. Only one car per caravan is permitted to park on the Caravan Park. Vehicles over 6-metres and over are also not permitted to park on the Caravan Park. No parking or driving on the grass is permitted. Cars are not permitted to be driven around the Resorts internal roads. All drivers must adhere to the Resorts 5mph speed limit. Entry and exit to the Resort and Lakeside Caravan Park can only be made through East Entrance. No vehicle larger than a 7-seater people carrier can be parked on the parking areas on Lakeside Caravan Park. No vehicle can be used for additional or alternative sleeping accommodation. No tents allowed. All vehicles are parked on Resort are at the owner's risk.

8.5.     Pets are not permitted on the Caravan Village without permission from both the caravan Owner and Butlins. Only 2 dogs per caravan are permitted and must not be left alone in a caravan for more than 2 hours. Please note: Certain breeds of dogs are not permitted on the Caravan Village and no dogs are allowed on the main resort, except assistance dogs. Please check in advance which dog breeds are not permitted. Dogs must be on a lead at all times. Butlins reserves the right to refuse any animal considered dangerous.

8.6.     Ball games are to be played on the designated areas and not between caravans. Windbreaks may only be used during daylight hours.

8.7.     Please do not litter the Caravan Village. Bin areas are provided and should be used for all refuse.

8.8.     Minor alternations: Alterations such as the withdrawal of certain amenities, facilities, activities and entertainment may be made by Butlins for reasons beyond Butlins control.

8.9.     Behaviour: Please show consideration to other guests and Butlins team members and treat the facilities with respect. Offensive or illegal behaviour and excessive noise will not be tolerated. If guests fail to comply with these rules, their contract may be terminated and they and their party will be asked to leave the resort immediately (without refunds). Contracts will also be terminated if Butlins has a reasonable suspicion that any guest has committed or intends to commit an offence.

8.10.   Electrical appliances: Guests are advised not to bring electrical appliances to the resort. If guests do so, they use the equipment at their own risk.

8.11.   Necessary co-operation: Butlins reserves the right to require that any guest be interviewed by us, on Butlins premises, to enable us to look into instances of damage or nuisance to Butlins property or guests. Any person who refuses to comply, without a reasonable excuse, will be treated as having terminated their contract. They and their party will then be asked to leave the resort immediately and refunds will not be given. We reserve the right of entry to our resort and the right to refuse entry to our resort without notice.

8.12.   Weather: The availability of some outdoor facilities and entertainment may be affected by adverse weather conditions.

8.13.   Filming and Photography: Due to the popularity of Butlins, we get requests from TV and other companies to film/photograph on resort, many of which we accommodate. We also take our own Butlins promotional photographs and films on the resort throughout the year. Please be aware that photographic shoots and/or filming may be in progress during your holiday and ensure that you are aware of the positioning of cameras at all times. We will not accept responsibility if, contrary to your wishes, you appear on film or in photographs.

8.14.   Children: Children aged 8 years and under may not be left alone without full adult supervision. Services/facilities for children over 5 years old are not childcare facilities. Whilst every care is taken, children remain the responsibility of parents or guardians at all times, in all the facilities listed in the Butlins brochure. Butlins will not accept bookings for parties with more than 6 children under 15 years old per adult. At least one adult must occupy each unit of caravan accommodation.

8.15.   Damage to property: Please treat your caravan accommodation with care and respect. It may be inspected at the end of your holiday. You will be held responsible for any damage caused to Butlins property during your stay. Damage to your caravan may also result in the termination of the holiday with no compensation.

8.16.   Health & Safety: For the safety and well-being of our guests, not all facilities are available to everyone and height restrictions do apply on all our rides and activities.


Splash Waterworld: In Splash Waterworld, all non-swimmers under 14 years and children aged 8 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult. Only competent swimmers may use certain flume rides. Please be aware that loose items, including goggles, bracelets and necklaces cannot be worn on the flumes.

Funfair: Restrictions and additional charges may apply on certain rides and other facilities. To meet certification requirements and maintain our ongoing improvement policy, all our funfair rides are regularly inspected and maintained by specialist engineers. They may be closed at certain times for work to be carried out, please check with the resort. Rides are subject to weather conditions.

Contagious Diseases: Should Butlins become aware, or have reasonable grounds for suspicion, that a guest has contracted a contagious disease that has the potential to infect a large number of people quickly, they and their party will be required to leave the resort. If this is not possible, then restrictions will be placed upon their activities and movements in order to prevent the disease being transmitted to other guests. Butlins are unable to offer any refund in such circumstances and strongly recommend that guests obtain suitable holiday insurance prior to travel to cover any such eventuality.

8.17.   Water Policy: Butlins operates an open water policy whereby all children must be supervised by an adult at all times around open water and under no circumstances go swimming in lakes, ponds or moats.

8.18.   Throughout the year certain performances in venues may be ticketed to control the capacity going into the venue. On arrival at the Resort you should check with Guest Services if there are any ticketed events during your holiday. On Arena Breaks the main event will be ticketed and a charge will be levied. All tickets are subject to availability and booked through the owner in advance.

8.19.   Proof of Age: may be asked for when buying alcohol on resort. The only accepted forms of ID are a photographic driver's licence or passport.


Although all information is correct at the time of going to print, the management reserve the right to vary or delete any information or breaks without prior notice.